The LH My Baby Ribbed Crop Top

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Nai 2/4/2021
Size xl, 5’0”, 170lbs
Was so excited for the LHxNaked launch. I ordered and received the LH MY BABY RIBBED CROP TOP in XL about a week after ordering on launch day(after several site challenges). I normally wear a size l, but with the spandex factor, I ordered xl because I wanted the ability/option to adjust the shirt length. It fit perfectly. The sleeves are a bit long, (Disclaimer* I do have short arms. Normal arm length for someone 5’0”)but not too long that it is an issue. The ends of the sleeves reached to the knuckles on my hand, but still looked good. The shirt is definitely cropped but even over my 40D bra size, it didn’t roll up like other crop tops would. It stayed put all day, and I loved that I could alter how much skin I was showing. It may be because I have an average to short torso but when pulling the shirt down as far as it can go,it still showed a nice sliver of midsection. But the shirt also allowed for me to pull it up and expose more skin if I wanted to. Overall this shirt fit true to size for a 5’0”, 170lb, reg shirt size L.
Size XL

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