The NW Extra Sultry Crop

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Dani Lacy 6/12/2020
I would 100% recommend but...
I love this top. It’s one of my favorite items. The fabric was very different than what I expected but I was not disappointed at all. I wear this top all the time without a bra and it’s so good. The only reason I have it a 4 out of 5 rating is because the straps do not stay up on me all the time. I prefer not to wear a bra with this top and so I have to be very mindful about it because the straps aren’t just too big they also roll off because of how skinny the straps are. I can just adjust them to be aborted by sewing it but it is worth mentioning for my ladies who have smaller shoulder I guess. I still love it though. I have one in a small and one in an extra small and I have the same issue with both but it is fixable. I prefer the in terms of sizing they both hold me up well without a bra, like I said earlier, this fabric is so different but it’s so good.
Felix G. 1/30/2020
I own this in every color
This is my go to summer top. It goes with everything and hugs you so nice! The stretch is great (if you’re worried about sizing I’m 5’8” 130 ordered a size S)

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