How to Exude Confidence


Confidence begins with being comfortable with yourself. It is rooted in self-love, self-assurance, and intention behind every action. Confidence is expressed through how we present ourselves and what we put forth. The right clothing and the right mentality will not only provide you with physical comfort but also make you feel great in your own skin, helping you own your personal style, and own yourself. Here are some of our favorite tips that will put a little “pop” in your step!

#1 Put In Some Effort- If you look put together, you will feel put together. It’s that simple. Instead of rolling out of bed in your sweatpants and moving on with your day, wear actual clothing (that’s an idea). Even a tiny bit of effort, like throwing on a dress or a coordinated set, will not only make you look like you care but will also motivate you to be productive.

#2 Spoil Yourself- We are trying to improve self-worth here! So, who better to spoil you than…well, you. Wake up early and make yourself a real breakfast instead of running out the door with an untoasted Poptart. Or, buy yourself a new outfit for a special event. Get your nails done. Go do things that you love, by yourself. You don’t always need others to make you feel special when you can do that for yourself.

#3 Disconnect- How many times a day do you sit scrolling through your Instagram feed, sifting through pictures of tanned, ripped models? If you are me, a lot. But, living on social media will leave you constantly comparing yourself to people who are paid to look that good. So, turn off that damn phone (as my mom would say), slip on your fave bikini, hit the pool, and show yourself some self-love.

#4 Accomplish Something- Sitting at home, scarfing down (not-actually-healthy) “healthy” snacks, and watching re-runs of the Bachelor is not quite the epitome of productivity. Set a goal, simple or complicated, and accomplish it. There is no better feeling than getting something done because then your day and your time spent has a purpose.

#5 Show Off What You Love- Maybe you love your arms, or your waist, or your booty. So, wear clothing that shows those things off! Be confident in the things that you love about yourself because that self-love is contagious. Or, maybe you love everything about your body, in that case, show it all off (but like with clothes on…we don’t want you to get arrested).

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