Date Outfit Ideas


First dates are filled with excitement, anxiety and the ever-so-dreaded question: “what do I wear?”. We all want to make a good first impression. We want to be sexy and stylish, but also be true to our own personal style. A great first impression is always important and one of the best ways to do that is by presenting yourself in clothing you feel ahhh-mazing in. A perfect outfit will not only show your date that you are sexy and have your sh*t together (even if you don’t, because who does?) but will also help you feel your most confident self. No one wants to be in that inevitable state of panic when you get that “be there in five” text but are still standing naked in the middle of a pile of clothes screaming “I have nothing to wear ugh!”. So, here are some of our fave date outfit ideas to help you avoid that overly-dramatic, totally unnecessary mental breakdown and help you look and feel like the queen you are.

#1: Simple & Sexy- When in doubt, keep it simple. A bodycon dress will not only show off your amazing curves but with a few fun styling choices, you can put your personal flair on this classic. Oliva Munn is rocking our “NW Mini Dress” with some knee-high boots and pulled back pony-tail.


#2: Easy Edgy- Don’t ever be afraid to show your flair! An edgy outfit will boost your confidence and show your date that you can own any room. Selena Gomez is sporting our “The NW Crop” with some high-waisted pants and kick-ass leather jacket.

#3: Keep it classic- Olivia Culpo styled our “The NW Turtleneck Crop” with a simple pair of denim bottoms and classic stilettos. A slicked-back bun keeps you looking put-together but also shows off your beautiful face.


#4: Red Hot- Stand out and show your date that you are straight fire (*flame emoji*). Katy DeGroot brings the heat in our “The NW Hourglass Midi”. In this dress, your date won’t be able to take his eyes off you all night PLUS we all know red is the color of LOVE ;)


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