Celebrity Style Profile: Kim Kardashian

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Kim K is the queen of tight bodycon dresses and simple colors: nude, black, white, grey (with the occasional pop of color). She is a great example of someone who does not let clothes wear her, but rather uses her clothes to let her body be the focal point. Her look is sleek, simple, and a sort of sexy-minimalism. Who else could make sweatpants look that good? You cannot become Kim K…but getting her look is actually pretty simple. It’s all about accentuating what you already have and owning your bod.
All photos taken from @kimkardashian on Instagram.

Menswear is an up and coming trend this year. It’s about taking menswear-inspired pieces and making them work for the female body. Kim rocks this structured, collard top by putting her own sexy flare on it.
KimK style 1

The bodycon dress is a staple in Kim’s look. (So is the color nude). When most people hear the name Kim Kardashian, the first thing they think of is sexy. And, what is sexier than a bodycon dress that hugs your curves?

KimK Style 5

For Kim, simple is always sexy. She makes easy, basic pieces look like a fashion-forward outfit. Biker shorts are one of Kim’s staple basics. Here, she styles them with a denim jacket for a casual, edgy look. Or, takes monochromatic to a whole other level by wearing grey shorts with a matching turtleneck and boots. The look is so simple but still makes a statement.

KimK style 3
KimK Style 7

Another Kim K staple is the bodycon midi skirt. It’s pretty obvious that Kim’s clothing revolves around her showing off her amazing body.

KimK style 8

Kim’s street style often includes sweatpants. Which may seem out-of-place for someone who is considered a style icon. But, she juxtaposes her sweats with a crop top and a pair of heels. Taking lazy, frumpy sweats to a sexy outfit.

KimK style 9

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