Em Rata feature image Emily Ratajkowski Style Steal
Emily Ratajkowski has recently made big moves in the modeling world and has made numerous cameos in TV shows and movies. Plus, she is stunning and her style captures the “model off duty” vibe perfectly. Em tends to go for a simple sleek look—usually form-fitting to show off her body. Keeping it classic and natural,… Read the Full Article
proposal 2 Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Something NW
Getting married is one of the most important moments in a person’s lifetime. But, weddings are not just about the actual wedding day. They take months to plan and every bride wants her special day to be absolutely perfect. There are also the many events that lead up to the wedding: the engagement party, the… Read the Full Article
main Goodbye Stilettos, Hello Sneakers
Gone are the days when sneakers are only for running. (Who likes running anyways?) It all began when Karl Lagerfeld decided to debut the Fall 2014 Channel collection with sneakers…on the runway. High-end brands like Channel, Balenciaga, and Gucci have come out with their own versions of the athletic sneaker. And of course, the birth… Read the Full Article
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset Celebrity Style Profile: Kim Kardashian
Kim K is the queen of tight bodycon dresses and simple colors: nude, black, white, grey (with the occasional pop of color). She is a great example of someone who does not let clothes wear her, but rather uses her clothes to let her body be the focal point. Her look is sleek, simple, and… Read the Full Article
main Naked Wardrobe Trend Watch: Asymmetry
This summer is all about the asymmetrical neckline. As simple as one-strap tops or as complex as two patterns or textiles in one garment, asymmetry has been a standout trend in 2018. Some designers are even going as far as mixing two totally different silhouettes. This edgy trend seems to be making it on and… Read the Full Article
main Celeb Style Steal: Sea to Land in Naked Wardrobe
When you have super cute swimwear, why waste it when you are not at the beach or by the pool? The good news is, you don’t have to! Wear your bikini tops as make-shift crop tops and pair them with any high-waisted pants. Or, wear your one-piece swimsuits as bodysuits (because that’s basically what they… Read the Full Article
main How to Transition Any Outfit from DAY to NIGHT
Taking an outfit from your daytime on-the-go look to a perfect look for a night out is easier than you think. Don’t be like me and change (at least) five times a day. I know I am not the only one who believes that every activity needs a corresponding outfit. But, that is totally unnecessary!… Read the Full Article
Khloe_The NW Bodysuit_Mocha Celeb Style Steal: Bodysuits
Bodysuits are the ultimate basic and should be a staple in every girl’s wardrobe. They are the perfect piece for layering, can easily be dressed up or down, and can be paired with (basically) everything (jeans, tailored pants, skirts, shorts). Besides the fact that you have to get totally naked in bathroom stalls, bodysuits are… Read the Full Article
2 NW Current Favorites: Accessories
There is nothing that pulls a look together like great accessories. They are the perfect way to make any outfit your own and show off your personal style. So, don’t be afraid to accessorize! Accessory trends are always changing but keeping up with them is easy. A few new pieces will make you look like… Read the Full Article
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset Oh So Tight Shorts Now Trending
Our iconic “The NW Oh So Tight Shorts” are taking the world by storm! The perfect basic for any wardrobe, these shorts hug your curves and hold everything together (if you know what I mean). Not only are they comfortable and super sexy, but they are also incredibly versatile! There are endless ways to style… Read the Full Article
IMG_0239 Outfits Under $50 & $100
Just because you are ballin’ on a budget does not mean you can’t slay every outfit. You will look chic and fashion forward with these affordable looks and you won’t break the bank while doing so! (I don’t know about you…but that sounds like a pretty good deal). Here are some awesome looks you can… Read the Full Article
1 Summer to Fall Transition
Before we know it, the leaves will be turning red, the warm summer air will turn into a cool fall breeze and our tank tops and cutoffs will be buried under sweaters, thermals and denim. Ok, maybe not in LA…but basically everywhere else. So, for all of you living in cities where the temperature drops… Read the Full Article
IMG_0256 How to Exude Confidence
Confidence begins with being comfortable with yourself. It is rooted in self-love, self-assurance, and intention behind every action. Confidence is expressed through how we present ourselves and what we put forth. The right clothing and the right mentality will not only provide you with physical comfort but also make you feel great in your own… Read the Full Article