RIDE OR DIE Eyeshadow Palette

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She's your ride or die. She's the one you'll come back to time and time again and she'll always have your back. She's got everything you need to slay. 9 richly pigmented eye shadows in matte & metallic formulas made to create drop dead gorgeous looks for our Dope baddies. Each shade is super pigmented, is easy to blend and wont crease. This palette will become your Ride or Die-guaranteed.

Highly pigmented, easy to blend formula

4 Matte Shades + 5 Metallic Shades

Shade Descriptions:
WHAT'S GOOD: soft vanilla cream tone; ultra-matte finish
HIT THAT: Light Pink Champagne; metallic finish
CAUGHT UP: Bronze & Rose Gold undertones; metallic finish
O.G.: Gold undertone; metallic finish
KEEPIN' IT REAL: Deep Mauve Undertone; ultra-matte finish
SO HOOD: Deep Brown Undertone; ultra-matte finish
BANGIN’: Bronze undertone; metallic finish
HUSTLE: Rose Undertones; ultra-matte finish
BOO THANG: Cinnamon Brown Undertone; ultra-matte finish